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Permanent Makeup by
Colleen Roseen

Touch up pricing depends on how much work needs to be done. Plan on the full amount unless I say otherwise.

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Corrective Work - Unfortunately, bad permanent makeup does exist, however, it can be easy to correct. It can take several sessions, yet be very successful. Pricing will vary widely depending on the amount of work needed. Corrective work starts at half the normal rate and goes up to full price depending on what is needed.

What is a...

Full Eyeliner - A Full Eyeliner will cover the entire lash line and above on the Upper lids, as well as filling in the Lower lash lines as desired. It can be as thick or as thin as needed. It can also look extremely smudgey like a smudgey pencil or liquid liner.

Upper Eyeliner - An Upper Eyeliner will cover the entire lash line and above, on the Upper lids.

Lower Eyeliner - A Bottom Eyeliner covers the Lower lash lines and beyond if so desired.

Lash Enhancement - A Lash Enhancement only covers your lash line. It is very natural-looking because it darkens just the base of your lash area. It does not extend above as the Eyeliner does.

Brows - Covers both brows. It can be applied to look like hair strokes, pencil, powder or liquid. Please allow brow hair to grow freely before your appointment.

Lip Liner - A Lip Liner can be applied to look like pencil, liquid, or even your natural lip tone. It doesn't even have to look like you are wearing anything, but it will help the symmetry and fullness of your look.

Lip Liner Blend - A Lip Liner Blend is a Lip Liner that blends into the lip. Most women who wear gloss, or like a very neutral look, prefer this procedure as it enhances and evens out the lip border. It can be applied to look like lipstick, pencil or your natural lip tone.

*Cancellation Policy - Upon making a reservation, a $50 deposit will be required. Failure to notify Colleen of a cancellation prior to 48 hours of the appointment time will make the deposit non-refundable.